Alan Emmott Centre Facility Details

Dating back to the early 1900s, Alan Emmott presents an impressive, open-concept floor plan, expansive windows and charming space for your next event. With a picture-perfect backdrop, this old-fashioned schoolhouse presents a truly unique venue for your important gathering.

Situated in South Burnaby, the Alan Emmott Centre’s upper floor offers 3,000 square feet and seating for 150 guests - as well as other important features:

  • Latest rental time is until 11 pm.
  • Free (though limited) parking at Alan Emmott, as well as street parking around the centre.
  • Beautiful venue with expansive windows and remarkable views of park.
  • Wireless Internet.
  • Early arrival/loading available morning of the event, with a special drive-in loading/unloading area a few feet from the venue; the time must be pre-arranged.
  • Smoking is entirely restricted at the Alan Emmott Centre, and is only permitted outside of a three-metre radius (or approximately 10 feet) of all doors and windows.
  • Set up and take down of Alan Emmott/in-house equipment. (Please note the event host/organizers are responsible for set up and take down of any equipment brought into the Alan Emmott Centre.)
  • As Alan Emmott is a heritage building, the use of tacks, nails and tape of any kind is strictly prohibited - as are open flame candles. (All decorations need to be free standing, and only battery-operated candles are allowed.)

For more details, please check out the Booking Request Form and floor plan for Alan Emmott.

Liability Insurance

When you rent space in our City facilities, you must carry a commercial general liability insurance. For an additional fee, our allotment clerk can arrange liability insurance for you–or you can provide your own proof of liability insurance, provided it meets City of Burnaby requirements.

Rental Rates

Please see rental information below for the Alan Emmott Centre. Rates are subject to change.

Hours Monday to Saturday
5 $635.45

5 hours minimum. Additional hours: $127.09 / hour