Riverway Restaurant Drinks & Cocktails

The Riverway Restaurant presents an array of cocktails, mocktails and premium bottled and canned beer — along with an assortment of ciders, coolers and draught. Below is our extensive wine list and pricing information on our beers, ciders and coolers.

Please join us at the Riverway for our full drinks and cocktails menu.

Import Canned

The Riverway Restaurant features Corona, Kronenbourg 1664 and Stella Artois for $7.50 each.

Tall Canned

Try one of our tall canned beverages such as Carlsberg, Guinness, Steamworks and other brands for $7.50 each.

Local & Craft Canned

Check out our local and craft canned ales, lagers, pilsners and more for $6.25 each. Join us at the Riverway for the full drinks menu.


Enjoy a 14oz. sleeve of lager, pale ale or IPA for $6.25, or $20 for a 64oz. pitcher. Or sample one of our seasonal rotations for $6.50.

Ciders & Coolers

Come in and enjoy a variety of ciders and coolers for $7.00 each.