Riverway Group Lunch Menu

To accommodate your party of 15 and a maximum of 20, we strongly encourage pre-ordering to make sure your entire party is served efficiently and around the same time. The option to pre-order is only available for an 11:30am reservation with the group menu below, and all pre-orders must be submitted 24 hours in advance.  One bill will be provided for your group, and one payment per group will be accepted. 

Note: For group reservation times other than 11:30am, pre-ordering is not possible and your group will be broken into separate tables.  For more effective service, the menu below will be provided.

Please email food@burnaby.ca to book your reservation, and for additional details on submitting your pre-order (for 11:30am group reservations only). Thank you.

Grilled Salmon & Sweet Corn Salad

wild sockeye salmon, romaine, edamame, roasted sweet corn, red pepper, red onion, sambal & honey lime vinaigrette

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Gluten free
Bread & Buns

Served with your choice of fries, salad or soup

Gluten-free bun $1.50